Correlation between macroalgae diversity and water quality in Southwest Maluku waters


  • Marsya Jaqualine Rugebregt Deep Sea Research Center, Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI)
  • Hairati Arfah Deep Sea Research Center, Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI)
  • Ferdinand Pattipeilohy Deep Sea Research Center, Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI)



water quality, macroalgae diversity, macroalgae species, Southwest Maluku


Macroalgae play an important role in the ecosystem of the coastal area, serving as a shelter ground, nursery ground, and feeding ground. Macroalgae communities are directly influenced by water quality. This study aim was to determine the correlation between the macroalgae diversity and water quality in southwest Maluku waters. This research was conducted in September 2019 at seven research stations. Macroalgae samples were collected by transect method, while seawater quality was measured using Van Dorn Water Sampler. The macroalgae diversity, species composition, and dominance were determined. Water quality parameters analyzed were temperature, salinity, pH, phosphate, nitrate, and ammonia. Correlations between macroalgae diversity and water quality were determined using principal component analysis. This study recorded 45 species of macroalgae consisting of 15 species of red algae (Rhodophyta), 6 species of brown algae (Phaeophyta), and 24 species of green algae (Chlorophyta). Diversity Index varied ranged from low to moderate categories (0.969 - 2.345). Water quality in general is still quite good for macroalgae life. Macroalgae diversity and water quality correlate and influence each other.


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Rugebregt, M. J., Arfah, H., & Pattipeilohy, F. (2020). Correlation between macroalgae diversity and water quality in Southwest Maluku waters. Marine Research in Indonesia, 45(1), 25–32.



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